About SearchMe

SearchMe was created and is maintained by Patrick Sweeney, Purdue University Computer Science class of 2019.

SearchMe is a web-based application that utilizes GroupMe's APIs to allow users to search their groups, a feature that GroupMe doesn't have. You can search by keyword, filter by dates, users, and attachments, sort by date, user, or likes, and click on the date of a message to jump to that point in the chat's history.

SearchMe is hosted on Heroku and directly linked to my GitHub repository.

SearchMe was started as a project for my ENGL 309 class in October of 2017.

One day I wanted to find a message I sent in a 600-message group that contained important contact information for an event we were planning. After realizing GroupMe didn't have a simple search feature, digging around online for a "Search your GroupMe" app to find nothing, and scrolling through the messages for minutes, I decided to write a quick program that used GroupMe's APIs to spit out the JSON data of that group. A few days later in my ENGL 309 class, we were asked to find a design problem and implement a solution to it, and here's that solution.

SearchMe is written in Node.jsand utilizes Express,Handlebars,Semantic UI,Linkify,and jQuery.When a user logs in, the access token is saved to the session. When all the groups or messages are to be loaded, the server accesses the token from the session and returns the GroupMe API response to the front end. When searching, filtering, or sorting, jQuerysorts the array and renders the page. SearchMe prioritizes security, as none of your messages or access tokens are logged or stored at all. You can even check out my GitHub repository to see how it's done.

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About SearchMe